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Who are we?

LONG CAT MEDIA is a two-person UK podcast production company specialising in audio fiction.

We launched in 2019 with the mystery thriller series Mockery Manor. Nominated for Best Fiction at the British Podcast Awards 2020, and Best Comedy Drama at the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2024, Mockery Manor has garnered glowing reviews from Screen Rant, Herald Scotland, Engadget, The Podcast Host, Podcast Magazine and more, as well as hundreds of 5-star ratings on Apple Podcasts. It was also described as "remarkably immersive" and "marvellous" by Stephen Fry.

2020 saw the release of our character-comedy storytelling series Madame Magenta: Sonos Mystica, which has now spanned two seasons and over 100 episodes, accruing a loyal following along the way.


In 2021, we released our biggest production to date: the swashbuckling pirate epic The Ballad of Anne & Mary, with a stellar cast including Christina Bianco, Sooz Kempner, Hamilton star Karl Queensborough, and drag legend Le Gateau Chocolat among others. The Ballad of Anne & Mary has received rave reviews and coverage from ITV News London, Liverpool Echo, The Stage, Pink News, Pod Bible, DiscoverPods, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Scotland, and more. Anne & Mary was nominated for Best Podcast at the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2022, and Best Fiction at the British Podcast Awards 2022. 

Our latest release is the horror/weird tales anthology Magenta Presents, which launched in 2023 with the five-episode miniseries Ghosted, starring Beth Eyre and Lucy Roslyn. As well as our own weird tales, Magenta Presents showcases short horror stories by guest writers, including 1927 Productions' Suzanne Andrade. Ghosted was nominated for The Tinniswood Award for Best Audio Drama Script at the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2024.

Our podcasts are represented by the Fable and Folly network, whose roster includes such titles as The Amelia ProjectWooden Overcoats, Midnight Burger and We Fix Space Junk.


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The Ballad Of Anne & Mary is a five-episode fiction podcast. Part audio drama, part electrifying West End musical, this immersive production is a fictionalised telling of the lives (and loves) of the pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Gritty, romantic and hilarious, it's like a glossy Netflix miniseries for your ears. It was created entirely in lockdown, with its West End and Broadway cast recording all their parts remotely, and pieced together like a huge jigsaw puzzle in Long Cat Media's home studio. The cast includes musical sensation Christina Bianco, singer and comedian Sooz Kempner, Hamilton star Karl Queensborough, and cabaret-opera legend Le Gateau Chocolat. 

“It sounds so real. I could see everything as I was listening. I was completely immersed in it. It felt like I was watching a big Hollywood film.  And the fact that you did this all in isolation, separately, and from home… that’s so impressive given the feel of actually listening to it.” - Laura Grimshaw & Scott Bryan, Podcast Radio Hour, BBC R4 Extra


“Epic, escapist adventure… a joyful, swashbuckling musical” - Pod Bible

“With its amazing soundtrack, engaging and adventurous story, and stellar performances, The Ballad of Anne and Mary is one of the best new musicals I’ve heard or seen in a while.” Discover Pods

NOMINEE - "Best Podcast" - BBC Audio Drama Awards 2022

NOMINEE - "Best Fiction Podcast" - British Podcast Awards 2022

Christina Bianco | Anne Bonny
Sooz Kempner | Mary Read
Karl Queensborough | Nathaniel Mist
John Henry Falle | Jonathan Barnet
Carole Stennett | Bess the Ballad Singer
Le Gateau Chocolat | Capt. Jack Rackham
Dominic Brewer | John Bonny, Fenwick
Hayley Evenett | Bob the Cabin Boy
James Ducker | Turnkey Scratby
Ivan Wilkinson | Thomas, Gregory
Helen Fullerton | Mrs Cormac, additional
Colette Boushell | Mary Brennan
Laurence Owen | Capt. Graham, additional
Lindsay Sharman | Moll King, additional

Directed by 
Lindsay Sharman & Laurence Owen

Book & Lyrics by 
Lindsay Sharman

Music, Lyrics, Sound Design & Editing by 
Laurence Owen

Artwork by Rebecca Pitt

Sensitivity Reading by Ray Stoeve

About Mockery Manor

An oh-so-British black comedy, Mockery Manor is a theme park where people disappear, and it’s down to chaotic teenage twins JJ and Bette to unravel the mystery. Season 1 sees them pitted against a knife-wielding killer dressed as feline park mascot Mr Crackles, Season 2 plunges them into sinister machinations at Mockery Manor’s sister park in the Black Forest, Dunkelschloss, and Season 3 deals with the mysterious death of country star Clayton Woodrow at Mockery Manor's new cowboy park, Claytonville.

“Marvellous… Remarkably immersive” - Stephen Fry

NOMINEE - “Best Fiction Podcast” - British Podcast Awards 2020

NOMINEE - "Best Sitcom or Comedy Drama" - BBC Audio Drama Awards 2024

Season 1 Cast:
Hayley Evenett | JJ, Bette, additional
Laurence Owen | Parker, Matty, Jenkins, additional
Lindsay Sharman | Margot, Auntie Janet, Sonia, Emma, additional
Peter Sowerbutts | Manager Norton
Abbie Eastwood | Mrs Parker
Sooz Kempner | Kelly, Dorothy
Jonathan Kitching | Graham
John Henry Falle | Detective, Alfred Mockery
Georgie Gilbert | Mrs Wainscoat, Nurse
James Ducker | Walter
Mark Restuccia | PC Steve, PC Dave
Saffron Robertson | Lady Mockery, Young Margot

Season 2 Cast
Hayley Evenett | JJ, Bette
Laurence Owen | Parker, Jenkins, Matty, additional
Lindsay Sharman | Margot, Hilda, Davina, additional
Alasdair Beckett-King | Tomasz, Danil, Chet, additional
Abbie Eastwood | Gretchen, additional
Sooz Kempner | Kelly, Prison Doctor
Kenzo Kanayama | Genkai

Season 3 Cast

Hayley Evenett | JJ, Bette

Laurence Owen | Parker, Clayton, additional

John Henry Falle | Detective Fenwick

Christina Bianco | Kirsteen

Karim Kronfli | George

Kristi Boulton | Anna Lou, Abilene

James Ducker | Walter

Luke Capasso | Harry

Rufus Walker | Freddie

Written & Directed by
Lindsay Sharman

Music, Sound Design & Editing by
Laurence Owen

Artwork by
Alasdair Beckett-King


Madame Magenta is a semi-improvised comedy fiction series. Join the powerful but reluctant medium Magenta and her loyal husband Bernard as they battle dark forces, and commune with the spirits to solve real world problems sent in by listeners. In Season 1, Magenta is forced into a bank heist by the ghost of her dead ex-husband, and in Season 2, she is pitted against a psychotic murderer hellbent on destroying the mystic community. 

Lindsay Sharman | Madame Magenta
Laurence Owen | Bernard

Written by
Lindsay Sharman

Music, Sound Design & Editing by
Laurence Owen

Artwork by
Claire Laffar

Let Madame Magenta be your guide to things unnatural and threats unseen... A horror/weird tales anthology series with stories introduced by celebrated psychic, medium and strange seductress Madame Magenta.

NOMINEE - Tinniswood Award for Best Audio Drama Script, BBC Audio Drama Awards 2024


Perched on a rain-battered cliff edge is a former lighthouse; now a charming, boutique hotel.

Owner and sole occupant Beth has spent months renovating, absorbing its essence into her bones, preparing for her first guest to arrive.

But when they do, to Beth's horror, it is a figure from a past she has tried to forget. Keira.

Face-to-face for the first time in years, the pair must reckon with old mistakes, old grievances.

And something else, besides.

Because the lighthouse has a past too.


Lindsay Sharman | Madame Magenta

Laurence Owen | Bernard


Beth Eyre | Beth

Lucy Roslyn | Keira

Tessa Hatts | Merta

Laurence Owen | Wes

Hayley Evenett | ...

Written & Directed by

Lindsay Sharman

Music, Sound Design & Editing by

Laurence Owen

Artwork by

Laurence Owen

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