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Greetings, fans of the esoteric!

Madame Magenta, psychic, medium, and inventor of the 'drink-along' audiobook, reads chapters from her best-selling book*, Magenta is the Warmest Colour.


Meet Magenta, a woman with flexible morality, an array of tasteful turbans, and a case of fast-growing mystical powers.

She also has two husbands, darling Bernard and less-than-darling Derrick. Fortunately, Derrick has been dead for some time. Less fortunately, death isn't much of an obstacle when you're a gifted medium, and Derrick has decided it's time to pay Magenta a visit from the Other Side. Because Derrick wants something, and he's willing to haunt Magenta for the rest of her life to get it. 

Magenta has three days to return husband no.1 to the Other Side, or she's stuck with him for good. Only dubious doings, dark magic and dealings with the criminal underworld can help her now!

WARNING: Adults Only. Drink Responsibly.

Don't Blame Us.


*dependent on definition of 'best-seller'.

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Send very specific questions (she asked us to make that quite clear) to

and she will answer them on her show.

Main Cast

Lindsay Sharman  Madame Magenta

Laurence Owen  Bernard

Written by

Lindsay Sharman

Music, Sound Design & Editing by

Laurence Owen

Artwork by

Claire Laffar