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Phone Mics

Vintage telephones converted into lo-fi microphones by Laurence LongCat

What exactly are they?

Vintage rotary phones, converted into lo-fi dynamic microphones by Laurence LongCat.

These mics give you that narrowband "phone" EQ effect, naturally and without any processing, for both live and studio use.


They make wonderful stage props for theatre productions, great set piece moments for bands and singers, and we now use one to record all telephone dialogue in our podcasts!


These phone mics are completely passive, and can be plugged into any amp or PA with just a standard 1/4-inch jack cable. You speak into it exactly as you would expect to, and it works like any other dynamic mic. The only difference being that it sounds like an old phone, because it is!

The jack plugs neatly into the back of the phone body, and I keep the original curly cord of the handset for maximum vibes.

Each one of these is unique and handmade, and, being they are vintage, will all show signs of wear and tear.

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If you'd like to ask a question, enquire about a phone mic or make any special requests, please use the form below.

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