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It's 1721, and London is abuzz with news of notorious pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, currently languishing in Newgate Prison. It’s the perfect time for debt-ridden journalist Nathaniel Mist to exploit the public appetite and ghost-write a sensational (and hopefully best-selling) history of pirates. But as the balladeers and gossips on the streets of London build myths around the blood-thirsty, perverse lady pirates, Mist is forced to reckon with the real Bonny & Read...

The Ballad of Anne & Mary is an audio-adventure in five parts, starring musical sensation Christina Bianco, actress and comedian Sooz Kempner, Hamilton star Karl Queensborough, cabaret legend Le Gateau Chocolat, and more.

Fans of Hamilton, Outlander and Our Flag Means Death will love The Ballad Of Anne & Mary.


Christina Bianco | Anne Bonny

Sooz Kempner | Mary Read

Karl Queensborough | Nathaniel Mist

John Henry Falle | Jonathan Barnet

Carole Stennett | Bess the Ballad Singer

Le Gateau Chocolat | Capt. Jack Rackham

Dominic Brewer | John Bonny, Fenwick

Hayley Evenett | Bob the Cabin Boy

James Ducker | Turnkey Scratby

Ivan Wilkinson | Thomas, Gregory

Helen Fullerton | Mrs Cormac, additional

Colette Boushell | Mary Brennan

Laurence Owen | Capt. Graham, additional

Lindsay Sharman | Moll King, additional

Directed by

Lindsay Sharman & Laurence Owen

Book & Lyrics by

Lindsay Sharman

Music, Lyrics, Sound Design & Editing by

Laurence Owen

Artwork by

Rebecca Pitt

Sensitivity Reader

Ray Stoeve

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The Ballad Of Anne & Mary  album is available in three editions:


- Digital album (all songs from the series, plus bonus tracks and episodes in higher quality than the podcast version)


- Digital album

- 32 page Theatrical Programme (featuring interviews, details about the cast, a look at the history of the real life Bonny and Read, song lyrics, and more).


- Digital album

- 32 page Theatrical Programme

- CD album (all songs and bonus tracks on a good old fashioned compact disc!)

All sales go towards our next podcast!

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