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Black Comedy | Mystery | Thriller

Mockery Manor is a theme park where people disappear, and it's up to a pair of chaotic teenage twins to catch a killer.

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Season One

Summer, 1989. Teenage twins JJ and Bette start their new jobs at Mockery Manor theme park, but soon become embroiled in a series of grisly murders that feel strangely personal...

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Season Two

Summer, 1992. A series of unfortunate events brings the twins to Dunkelschloss - Mockery Man0r's sister park in Germany. But things aren't what they seem in the Black Forest, and Dunkelschloss has a dark underbelly...

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The Bette Tapes

Set between Seasons 2 and 3, we join fledgling P.I. Bette Armstrong as she sets up her office at Mockery Manor, documents her early cases, and battles a few demons from her past.

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Season Three

Summer, 1996. Mockery Manor has opened Claytonville, inspired by the songs of country legend Clayton Woodrow III. But when Clayton dies a mysterious death, the twins are dragged into drama once again...

Cast & Crew

Creative Team

Written & Directed by

Lindsay Sharman

Music, Sound Design & Editing by

Laurence Owen

Artwork by

Alasdair Beckett-King

Rebecca Pitt

Laurence Owen

Season 1 - Cast

Hayley Evenett - JJ, Bette, additional

Laurence Owen - Parker, Matty, Jenkins, additional

Lindsay Sharman - Margot, Janet, Davina, additional

Peter Sowerbutts - Manager Norton

Abbie Eastwood - Mrs Parker

Sooz Kempner - Kelly, Dorothy

Jonathan Kitching - Graham

John Henry Falle - Detective, Alfred Mockery

Georgie Gilbert - Mrs Wainscoat, Nurse

James Ducker - Walter

Mark Restuccia - PC Steve, PC Dave

Saffron Robertson - Lady Mockery, Young Margot

additional voices by Dylan Morrison, Evie Morrison, Hayley Morrison, Glenda Sharman, Heather Owen

Season 2 - Cast

Hayley Evenett - JJ, Bette

Laurence Owen - Parker, Jenkins, Bodankho, additional

Lindsay Sharman - Margot, Hilda, Davina, additional

Alasdair Beckett-King - Thomaz, Dodgy Eric

Abbie Eastwood - Gretchen, additional

Sooz Kempner - Kelly, Dorothy, additional

John Henry Falle - Vincent Price, Spanish Dave

Kenzo Kanayama - Genkai

The Bette Tapes - Cast

Hayley Evenett - Bette

Laurence Owen - Headmistress, additional

Lindsay Sharman - Grace, Margot, additional

Season 3 - Cast

Hayley Evenett - JJ, Bette

Laurence Owen - Parker, Clayton, Paul, additional

Lindsay Sharman - additional

Karim Kronfli - George

Christina Bianco - Kirsteen

Luke Capasso - Harry

John Henry Falle - Detective Fenwick, Bobby D

Kristi Boulton - Anna Lou, Abilene 

James Ducker - Walter

Rufus Walker - Freddie

Madame Magenta - herself

Bernard - himself

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