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A Mystery-Thriller Fiction Podcast

Summer, 1989. Mockery Manor Amusement Park re-opens its doors, determined to bury its dark past and become Britain's eccentric answer to Disneyland.

But new recruit JJ soon discovers that blood is baked into the park's foundations, that secrets abound... and the British are terrible at customer service.

Mockery Manor is a new mystery series by writer-performer Lindsay Sharman and composer-performer Laurence Owen. They have created numerous theatre productions, albums, books, podcasts and more.


Main Cast

Hayley Evenett  JJ | Bette | additional voices

Laurence Owen  Parker | Matty | Jenkins | 

additional voices

Lindsay Sharman  Margot | Auntie Janet | 

Sonia | Emma | additional voices

Peter Sowerbutts  Manager Norton

Supporting Cast

James Ducker, Abbie Eastwood, Georgie Gilbert, Sooz Kempner, Jonathan Kitching, Dylan Morrison, Evie Morrison, Hayley Morrison, Heather Owen, Glenda Sharman

Written & Directed by

Lindsay Sharman

Music, Sound Design & Editing by

Laurence Owen

Artwork by

Alasdair Beckett-King