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Y'alright, there!

We're delighted to present The Matty Tapes, a bonus Mockery Manor miniseries!

This miniseries won't appear on the main podcast feed until December 2024.

Until then, The Matty Tapes are available for £3.99 from our Ko-fi Shop.


If you become a monthly supporter, you'll get The Matty Tapes (and many other goodies) for free!


Click/tap here to purchase The Matty Tapes for £3.99 ($4.99) from our Ko-fi shop!

Amongst the Magenta tea towels and Mockery art prints, our Ko-fi show now features The Matty Tapes.

You'll get a secret link with a password.

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The Matty Tapes​

Written by Lindsay Sharman

Directed by Lindsay Sharman & Laurence Owen

Music, Sound Design and Editing by Laurence Owen

Laurence Owen - Matty, Jenkins, Dr Zecker, additional voices

Lindsay Sharman - Dr Tallow, Margot

Beth Eyre - Nurse Debbie

If you'd like to become a patron, head to

Laurence & Lindsay x

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