CD album of 2017's The Time Machine.



1. Radio Woking Presents...

2. This Is The Story Of The 4th Dimension

3. Stuff And Nonsense

4. The Time Traveller Returns

5. The First Of All Time Machines

6. Eloi! Eloi!

7. The Time Machine Is Taken

8. Advertisement: Pepsodent

9. Saving Weena

10. A Miniature Flirtation

11. Down The Throat Of The Well

12. Advertisement: Craven A / Cook's Matches

13. Journey To The Palace

14. The Greatest Explorer Of All Time

15. The Palace Of Green Porcelain

16. The Forest Battle

17. The White Sphinx

18. Back To The Past

19. Stay Tuned...

20. Crabs From The Future


© 2017 Laurence Owen and Lindsay Sharman

The Time Machine (CD album)

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