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With this purchase, you will receive:


- An email with a code to download and stream the album "The Music of Mockery Manor - Season One" (via Bandcamp - we have to manually do this, so please be patient!)

- A physical copy of CHART TOPPERS magazine!


What is CHART TOPPERS magazine?

CHART TOPPERS is an 80s pop magazine from within the Mockery Manor universe. It features interviews with all our fictitious pop stars (Lydia, Duncan Newgate, Foucault's Pendulum and more), in-world adverts, song lyrics, and more... plus a few hints at Season Two...


Yes, Lindsay and Laurence really have produced a magazine for the physical album release.

Yes, it was a lot more work than making CDs.

But it's also a lot more fun! And it's plastic-free!

The Music of Mockery Manor - SPECIAL EDITION

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