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With this purchase, you will receive:


- An email with a code to download and stream the album "The Music of Mockery Manor - Season One" (via Bandcamp). We have to manually send this, so please be a little patient!
- CHART TOPPERS magazine

- A detailed map of the park, created by Laurence, and featuring all the lands and attractions mentioned in the show. This is a LIMITED EDITION run of high quality A3 art prints on recycled paper. Each print is individually numbered. We'd be happy to sign them if you like, or leave them unsullied for full view. 


Obviously the real thing won't be watermarked with a big cat walking all over it (though we can ask our cats to walk all over it if that's what floats your boat).


As with all our merch, the proceeds go straight back towards making Long Cat Media's productions, so your purchases directly support the shows you are enjoying!

The Music of Mockery Manor - COLLECTOR'S EDITION

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