CD album of 2016's Cinemusical High.



1. Average Movie High School Day

2. Saturday Detention

3. It Sucks To Be You

4. Mae Schools Jeff

5. A Little Chaos

6. Sadako Speaks

7. If You Get To Know Me

8. Time For A Makeover

9. How Not To Look Wrong

10. If I Were A Betting Woman

11. Hypothetically

12. Going For Coffee

13. Argument Song / The Janitor

14. A Thousand Lights

15. Lessons

16. Average Movie High School Day (Reprise)

17. Guitar Interlude

18. Lessons Underscore

19. A Thousand Lights (Overlong Director's Cut)


© 2016 Laurence Owen and Lindsay Sharman

Cinemusical High (CD album)

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