CD album of 2015's Cinemusical.



1. Cinemusical (Opener)

2. Empowered

3. So That's It?

4. A Hero Of The West

5. Why, Hello There, Little Friend

6. Stuck With You

7. Meanwhile, Back In The Land Of Disney

8. Little Sergei

9. So Now You Know

10. Happy Cowboy - Reprise

11. Only Half Joking, Buddy

12. Travelling Montage / The Director

13. Small Steps

14. And Now, Dear Friends

15. Cinemusical (Closer)

16. Small Steps - End Credits Version

17. The Land Of 1950s Sci-Fi

18. The Land Of Richard Curtis Films

19. The Land Of Low-Budget Horror

20. The Land Of Disconcertingly Cheerful Vintage War Films

21. The Land Of Silent Film

22. Conclusion - Instrumental

23. Meeting The Director


© 2015 Laurence Owen and Lindsay Sharman

Cinemusical (CD album)

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