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Adults Do Disney

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A podcast about doing the world's Disney parks as unaccompanied grown-ups.

Grown-up Disney nerds Lindsay and Laurence spend a lot of time in Disney theme parks, and almost as much time trying to explain that they're not just for kids. So they make a podcast about doing the Disney parks as fully fledged, shameless adults. Expect chat, news, hot tips, secrets, fan theories, in-park reporting, armchair Imagineering and lots of other gushing from two big kids about the happiest places on Earth.

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Selected Reviews:

"We listened from the start when it appeared and haven't stopped. Disney geeks and loving it."

"Has me in fits of laughter every time. Such a great podcast, thank you both!"

"Super charming British pair... Very talented comedians / impressionists / composers / pretend imagineers."

Subscribe and just immerse yourself. It's almost as good as being in Disney... Almost!"

"Great podcast full of informative and fun stuff... Like chatting with your mates about Disney"

"I love this podcast, I have a child and it definitely makes me want to go without him ;-)"

"Laurence and Lindsay are funny, natural and really informative. Please keep it up guys!"

"I binge-listened every episode in one day. Brilliant, hilarious and insightful show for any Disney nutter"

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